DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion



Coolsky, McPhat Studios and Flight One Software is proud to present the DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion!

This expansion pack for the DC-9 Classic transforms your passenger carrying DC-9 Classic into a no-windows, big-door, all-pallets cargo hauler simulating the DC-9-32CF. The package contains a fully rebuilt cargo version of the external aircraft model; no windows, large cargo door and pallets in the hold. It has full integration with the DC-9 Flight Center; you can set the cargo weight, the number of pallets and control the cargo door - all from within the familiar Flight Center in the DC-9 Classic.

The DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion comes with these five liveries;

  • DHL
  • Scandinavian
  • Airborne Express
  • Alitalia Cargo
  • Swiss Cargo

All these liveries come in UHDT quality.

In addition to all of the above, the DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion pack includes a UHDT version of the blue virtual cockpit. Fly in UHDT inside and out!



This aircraft package is distributed by Flight One Software. Flight1 has a generous 30-day return and refund policy. No questions asked. Flight1 does not charge for re-downloads of their products. You can install on multiple computers, and most problems can be handled automatically by visiting the Flight1 customer service pages. Please read Flight1’s Terms of Service for details. You can download and purchase with confidence from Flight1.

This Expansion Pack is a cargo model addon package for the DC-9 Classic. You must have the DC-9 Classic installed first, before installing this package.

Learn more about the DC-9 Classic

The purchase screen will be displayed when you run the downloaded installation package. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Accleration or SP1/SP2 installed, or Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition 
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista or XP 
Processor: 2.8 GHz 
Memory: 1 Gb RAM 
Video Card: 512 Mb RAM

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