dc9 wa mega box

DC-9 Classic World Airliners Megapack is a livery addon package for the DC-9 Classic created by McPhat Studios.


Included liveries

  1. Air Canada (1)
  2. Air Canada (2)
  3. BMI British Midland
  4. Cebu Pacific
  5. Continental Airlines (1)
  6. Continental Airlines (2)
  7. Delta Air Lines (2007)
  8. Iberia
  9. KLM
  10. Martinair
  11. Northwest Airlines (1)
  12. Northwest Airlines (2)
  13. Pacific Southwest Airlines
  14. Republic Airlines
  15. Santa Barbara Airlines
  16. USAir (1)
  17. USAir (2)
  18. US Airways


Standard Definition Textures

McPhat Studios writes:

Eighteen (18) Standard Definition Repaints for Coolsky's DC-9 Classic. For those of you who want bang for their buck, this is the one to get! If you are not a pixel peeper, and don't care about getting up close and personal with the exterior of your DC-9, if you don't care what placards say, or how many rivets there are on the fuselage, this is the one to get...

Made smaller from the highly detailed UHDT version, the resolution might be not as high as those, but other than that, they are the same quality with the same bump and specular mapping. While we update the UHDT versions you can be sure we update the Standard Definition ones too and retro fit the upgrades from the UHDT versions to the SD version as well! So basically, you get smaller versions of the UHDT liveries, but also at a smaller price! Instead of paying 12,99 for 6 UHDT repaints, you now pay 50% more for 200% more repaints! This at more than 50% off the price of the UHDT World Airliners combined.


Purchase and Download

The DC-9 Classic World Airliners Megapack package can be purchased and downloaded from the feelthere.com webshop.

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