DC-9 Classic World Airliners 2 is a livery addon package for the DC-9 Classic created by McPhat Studios.


Included liveries

  1. Continental Airlines
  2. Eastern Air Lines
  3. USAirways
  4. Alitalia
  5. PSA - Pacific Southwest Airlines
  6. KLM


Ultra High Definition Textures

McPhat Studios writes:

With more than 350 pixels per meter, you will see the sharpest, tightest textures available today, with all three maps, working together in unison. So where paint is chipped off on the diffuse map, you will see a different kind of glossiness, but also a different kind of reflectivity as the material and structure of the underlying metal is different than that from the painted layer. All this topped off, with a bump map that will actually show the paint chipped off as if it is 3D.

The best part? Not a single noticeable drop in frames per second compared to the normal definition version.


Purchase and Download

The DC-9 Classic World Airliners 2 package can be purchased and downloaded from the feelthere.com webshop.

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