avsim gold star

Avsim.com awards the DC-9 Classic the Avsim Gold Star and thinks it is "well worth its weight in gold".

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Youtube channel Frooglesim has reviewed the DC-9 Classic in-depth in a three part video series. Frooglesim take you along for a flight from London, Heathrow to Schiphol, Amsterdam.

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avionic online logo

Avionic-Online has reviewed the DC-9 Classic indepth and awarded it a score of 91.5%.

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Coolsky has been presented with the Editor's Choice Award for the DC-9 Classic by the review team at simFlight.de.

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Aerosoft Sim News staff reviewer, chief editor and ex DC-9/MD-80 ground engineer Angelique van Campen has reviewed the DC-9 Classic.

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Flight! Magazine awards the DC-9 Classic a score of 9/10 in their review.

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fs magazin logo

FS Magazin has reviewed the DC-9 Classic and calls it "a very solid and complex simulation".

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vv ban10

The DC-9 Classic gets a great review at the Voo Virtual brazilian simulator forum.

Marcelo Fontenele writes:

This was my first Coolsky product, however, if the other aircraft that are available for sale have the same quality as the DC-9, I intend to buy them later with complete certainty.

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