avsim gold star

Avsim.com awards the DC-9 Classic the Avsim Gold Star and thinks it is "well worth its weight in gold".

Marlon Carter, staff reviewer for Avsim.com, writes:

As far as the features of this aircraft go, I hardly know where to start. The DC-9 is laden with features and perhaps the most practical starting point may be the Coolsky Flight Center which is the first thing you see on your screen when the aircraft is loaded.
Well, at a price of $49.95, I would say that the Coolsky DC-9 is well worth its weight in “gold”. The features that have been provided in this product are second to none and the only thing that can honestly prevent you from buying this product is simply your preference between modern or classic aircraft.
All things considered, I think that the innovative features provided in the Coolsky DC-9 warrants an Avsim Gold Star Award. Apart from one or two other products currently on the FS market, the DC-9 can rightly take its place as one of the most complex and innovative products available for FSX today. Why not give it a try yourself?


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