The Super 80 - Ultimate Airliners Edition



Flight1/Coolsky’s acclaimed Super 80 Classic and Super 80 Professional aircraft are now out in a double-aircraft boxed edition for FSX.






The Boeing MD-80 first saw service in the 1980s, attracting airlines from around the world from launch. It continues in regular service today, with both ‘Classic’ and ‘Next Generation’ cockpit incarnations providing reliable and efficient operations around the globe.






This ‘Ultimate Airliners Edition’ of this popular and critically acclaimed airliner for Flight Simulator X now includes the original ‘Classic’ Super 80 and the later Super 80 Professional releases of Coolsky’s MD-80 airliner.




That’s two aircraft and two complete cockpit systems - the original mix of analogue and early 1980s period electronic instrumentation and the latest generation cockpit with full EFIS, FMS, TCAS and other modern systems. You choose which you want to fly...




This outstanding simulation has been exclusively designed for FSX to take advantage of the latest technology. Featuring a unique Integrated Cockpit Training system that guides you step-by-step through in-flight procedures and systems, PLUS with an automatic aircraft/panel configuration utility - this is one aircraft you can either just jump in and fly or follow the checklist from start-up to shut down!




  • Crisp clear 2D and 3D cockpit views with rollover click spots to access the pop-up Super 80 Center for views and training.
  • The Cockpit Training System opens each panel view, tells you what to do, then points to the gauge or switch live in the cockpit.
  • Hotspots and click areas can be visually indicated on screen, helping you to find your way around the 2D and 3D panels.
  • Highly detailed exterior model, with animated stairways at front and rear, moving control surfaces, trim tabs and high lift devices.
  • This ‘ultimate’ boxed edition contains printed Quick Start manual, TWO full color poster-sized panel guides, comprehensive Operating Manuals on the disc for each aircraft type and over 20 airline liveries for you to fly!



avsim gold star award 

Outstanding! No word better describes Super 80.

It’s a treasure in a world of airliner add-ons, as good as the very best out there that I have gotten some experience on. It’s quality, attention to detail, and performance come together to form a package that has to be seen to be believed.

In my closings, I normally don’t like strong opinion statements, but it is here that I must make an exception to my rule. Airliner fans (not to mention Super 80 fans) be advised – this is something that should not be missed.

Alexis Esguerra, AVSIM Senior Reviewer.

pc pilot classic award s

The MD80 provides an ideal platform for the concept of an interactive cockpit trainer within FS2004. This package excels as a procedural trainer and also is a delightful aircraft to fly with or without the use of the training tools. This is the first time we have seen an FS2004 airliner presented in this manner and it will undoubtedly set a benchmark for a new approach to aircraft simulation in FS2004.

Jane Whittaker, PC Pilot Magazine.

simflight logo 

It is without a doubt that the Coolsky plane is one of the best aircraft addon for beginners. Its intuitive panel setup and amazingly helpful Super 80 Center with Integrated Cockpit Training System are for sure a treasure trove for those not familiar with jetliner (and MD-80!) procedures. As a result, I highly recommend this plane for beginners, or those that are simply not at all familiar with this type.

Benjamin van Soldt,

pc pilot classic award s

My conclusion for the Super 80 Pro By Flight 1 and Coolsky is that in my opinion it is worth the money. This is both a complex airplane and a simple one which can literally be flown by one click. It is amazing that once loaded up you can either automatically configure your aircraft or you can go step by step with the tutorial walking you through each and every step.

William Nonya, Fly Away Simulation.



I can certainly add my comments here and it's no secret how I feel about this aircraft as I've posted numerous times since this beautiful bird first came out. I've flown it constantly since buying it two and a half years ago and it’s never gotten stale nor has it lost its challenge. Its complex enough to keep you busy from start up to shut down yet is easily learned thanks to the Interactive Cockpit Training System and the rapid and courteous support from CoolSky. There's a lot of great payware out there but the Super 80 tops the list for me.

John Patterson, Texas, USA


As an old retired airline pilot who flew all of the DC-9 models, I've found flying your MD-80 in FSX as close to the real thing as possible. I've tried many add-ons including the new B717-200X and yours is the best. I've even made the MD-80 my default aircraft in FSX. Whenever I'm down and need a quick pick me up, I'll plan a flight in the MD-80 and take off. Great job making this add on.

Charles Townsend, Illinois, USA


This is an absolutely great product! But be warned: it is definitely NOT a plug 'n play aircraft that will take off by itself the first time you line up with the centerline and apply full power. And that is precisely why it is my favorite FSX add-on. The MD-80 was introduced before glass cockpits and multiply-redundant systems, and its original form is modeled here -- no GPS or other modern features that have been added to most current MD-80's. The original procedures are faithfully reproduced in The Super 80, including many charts and checklists copied from actual TWA manuals (some even have handwritten notations made by the pilots who originally used them). Since the MD-80 is used for short- to medium-length flights, you won't spend as much time in high altitude cruise, but isn't it more fun taking off and landing anyway?

Stuart Ball, Greenwood, Indiana, USA


I’ve flown this beautiful and elegant aircraft since I bought it June 2006 and I’ve always enjoyed it extremely much every second. In my opinion the Super 80 is not just a common add-on, but truly a piece of art.

Peter Vincent, Copenhagen, Denmark


My first purchase with Flight 1 was the Cessna 441 and of late, the Super 80. Let me tell you, this machine rocks! I was so used to downloaded aircraft from websites where all you had to do was set up the altitude, rate of climb, and heading. Hit the autopilot and virtually do nothing but answer a few radio transmissions. When I read the description of what the Super 80 package had to offer, it didn't take long to decide whether or not to purchase this package.

There's nothing like climbing into a cold cockpit and actually following a very detailed checklist from start to finish. This one puts you in the pilot seat. All that's missing is the smell of the coffee. The support from Coolsky, the program author and users has been tremendous.

A.G. Engelkes, Omaha, Nebraska, USA


The Super80 is the classical airliner with an aura that roars the good old days. Coolsky’s nice and friendly support forum together with the excellent Super80 is simply the best!

Conny Berggren, Sweden



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A discount is offered to customers who bought the earlier versions (FSX, FSX:SE, FS2004). Earlier version customers can purchase the MegaPack for USD 29.95. Please see the Flight1 website for further details.

Flight1 MegaPack Product Page

To fly the aircraft in Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition you must install the Steam Edition Hotfix after installing the main installation package. You can find the Steam Edition Hotfix in the Updates section. While the installation package is the same for both FSX and FSX:SE, the Steam Edition Hotfix makes the aircraft compatible with FSX:SE.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Accleration or SP1/SP2 installed, or Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition 
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista or XP 
Processor: 2.8 GHz 
Memory: 1 Gb RAM 
Video Card: 512 Mb RAM

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