All the video tutorials on this page were created by Stuart Ball.


Cockpit Powerup

This video tutorial takes you through the steps necessary to power up the cockpit of the Super 80 Pro, and then turn on the interior lights and gauges.


Aircraft Preparation

This tutorial takes you through the first steps in planning a trip using the Super 80 Pro aircraft. Power-up procedures are shown, followed by the steps required to prepare the cockpit. The use of the built-in Dispatch utility to load the aircraft with passengers, cargo, and fuel is shown. Finally, the unique procedure used to set longitudinal trim is illustrated.


FMS Programming

This tutorial takes you through the steps required to program the Super 80 Pro's FMS for a simple domestic US flight.



Before Engine Start

The steps performed just prior to engine start in the Super 80 Pro are shown in this tutorial. They include starting the APU, setting up the hydraulic system, arming the auto-spoiler system, and setting and arming the auto-brake system. A discussion of the doors/hatches warning system on the Annunciator Panel is also included. 



Engine Start

This tutorial covers the pushback and engine start process in the Super 80 Pro. Instead of the Ctrl-E engine start shortcut, the tutorial takes you through the actual steps that are performed. 



After Engine Start

This tutorial shows the final steps involved in preparing the Super 80 Pro for a flight. It assumes the engines have just been started. Topics include setting the slats and flaps, clearing the caution and warning lights, and turning on the transponder. During the taxi to the departure runway, a list of things to review is given. At the runway, the Runway Update procedure on the FMS is shown.

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