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McPhat Studios has released Super 80 Pro World Airliners 1. Super 80 Pro World Airliners 1 is an Ultra High Definition Textures (UHDT) package with liveries for the Super 80 Pro. This package is the most detailed, high definition textures set ever released for FSX. With an incredible 253 pixels per meter ratio, McPhat Studios sets a new standard for FSX texture design.

McPhat Studios writes...

After the normal definition textures we did for the Super 80 Pro last year (and the Classic as a free update) Ultra High Definition Textures are the next logical step for Coolsky, Flight1 and McPhat Studios. With hardware (finally) catching up with FSX, and a growth in numbers of users that use 20+ inch screens and high end graphic cards it was just a matter of time that we set the bar yet again higher for ourselves here at McPhat Studios. People want more, we give them more...

With UHDT for the Coolsky Super 80 Pro (and in a later stage, the Classic) we deliver ultra sharp textures that sport an unseen level of detail, when viewed from closer distances, but that also look better than normal definition textures from a normal or far away viewing distance. Scratches will be scratches, rather than grooves. Chipped of paint will look like chipped of paint, rather than large chunks of paints missing, decals will be fully readable, instead of a blurry mess and rivets will be rivets, rather than big bolts the size of an apple.

Side kicked by UHDT specular and normal mapping, we will take the 'dynamica' of FSX' per pixel lighting techniques to a new height. Rivets that only show when you need them to show, dents in the lower baggage compartment when viewed at a certain angle, body work and spars that 'pierce' through the fuselage with the right amount of light and dynamic reflections will make your Super 80 Pro a true joy to look at. Even for all you flight deck simmers.

All this, without a single drop in frames.

Liveries included in the Super 80 Pro World Airliners 1 package:

  • Aeromexico (Bare metal)
  • Austral (Aeromexico Hybrid)
  • Alitalia (New colours)
  • Continental
  • China Southern
  • Delta Airlines (Deltaflot)
  • FAT (Transasia Telecommunications)
  • Spirit
  • Scandinavian (Star Alliance)
  • Spanair


All screenshots by Soya.



This aircraft package is distributed by Flight One Software. Flight1 has a generous 30-day return and refund policy. No questions asked. Flight1 does not charge for re-downloads of their products. You can install on multiple computers, and most problems can be handled automatically by visiting the Flight1 customer service pages. Please read Flight1’s Terms of Service for details. You can download and purchase with confidence from Flight1.

A discount is offered to customers who bought the earlier versions (FSX, FSX:SE, FS2004). Earlier version customers can purchase the MegaPack for USD 29.95. Please see the Flight1 website for further details.

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The purchase screen will be displayed when you run the downloaded installation package. 

This Expansion Pack is a livery addon package for the Super 80 Professional. You must have the Super 80 Professional installed first, before installing this package.

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