Today I went plane spotting. I haven't done that in ages, so it was time. Plane spotting is a great pastime. It's fun and relaxing. Besides flight simulation and aviation, I also have a passion for photography. Plane spotting is a great way to combine those two interests!

The last time I went plane spotting was at ENBR (Bergen, Norway). ENBR is great if you like B737s, F-50s and Dash-8s. Today I went plane spotting at LEAL (Alicante, Spain); my new home airport. LEAL is great for those who like B737s, A320s and the occasional B757. Yeah, no MD-80s. However, I do know that there is a domestic flight operated by Spanair using a MD-87 flying into Alicante. Some day I'm going to catch that bird.

I shot a lot of pictures and recorded some video as well. The videos didn't turn out too great, but I thought the pictures came out ok. I hope you will enjoy them.

For those interested in photography, I shot with my Nikon D7000 and Tamron 70-300mm.

(Picture comments below)


Pic 1: The busy apron at Alicante; Iberia A321 and two EasyJet A319s.

Pic 2: Iberia A321 heading for Madrid.

Pic 3: Thomas Cook B757 heading for Glasgow.

Pic 4: Spanair and Star Alliance A320 heading for Oran, Algeria.

Pic 5: Monarch A321 doing a wheelie, bringing in sun seekers from London.

Pic 6: Transavia B738 heading for Amsterdam.

Pic 7: EasyJet A319 on short approach with a load of holidaymakers from Bristol.

Pic 8: EasyJet A319 touch down.

Pic 9: EasyJet A319 closeup of engine and main landing gear.

Pic 10: EasyJet A319 closeup of tail.

Pic 11: EasyJet A319 closeup, reverser clam shell doors open, smokin' nose gear tires.

Pic 12: EasyJet A319 rolling out.

Pic 13: EasyJet A319 and Thomson B733, Boeing vs Airbus.

Pic 14: Norwegian B738 far away in the haze.

Pic 15: Norwegian B738 taxiing out for takeoff.

Pic 16: Thomson B733 heading for Cardiff.

Pic 17: Norwegian B738 heading for Oslo and -4C. I am so happy to be living in Spain right now!

Pic 18: Norwegian B738 closeup of tail.


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