The Automatic Aircraft Configuration feature, or Auto Config for short, has become one of the signature features of my aircraft. The idea for it came as the answer to the question which has spawned a lot of the features in my aircraft; what would I like to see in a product that I would buy?

The Auto Config feature has been designed to completely and properly setup the aircraft for you according to the selected phase of flight. All systems, switches, knobs and levers will automatically be set according to the appropriate checklist.

There are multiple uses for this feature. It can be used to resume a saved flight. If you saved a flight midway, simply load the flight and select the “Cruising at FL…” Auto Config option and you’re good to go.

You can use the Auto Config feature as a training tool as well. Say you want to practice your ILS approach skills. Position the aircraft on the approach, set your radios, maybe set some low visibility weather to make it interesting, and then select the “Cleared to land” Auto Config option and off you go.

The DC-9 Classic is a highly advanced aircraft product designed to give you the most realistic user experience and representation of the real aircraft. But sometimes you just want that instant gratification of hopping straight into the cockpit of the aircraft sitting ready for you on the runway and takeoff into the big blue sky above. The Auto Config feature will do this for you as well.

The Auto Config feature is a set-and-go type of feature. Once you have selected your Auto Config option, all that remains for you to do is fly the aircraft, navigate and enjoy your flight.

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