Stepping into the cockpit of an advanced aircraft for the first time trying to learn how to fly it with nothing to help you out but a manual, or maybe a good tutorial if you’re lucky, can be quite a daunting task. 

If you are an experienced simmer the general knowledge of how aircraft work will go a long way, but you’re still going to have your work cut out for you trying to learn a new aircraft. If you are a newer simmer, you may be in for an extremely steep learning curve.

To help you learn how to fly this new aircraft, the DC-9 Classic comes with an integrated cockpit training system. This training system guides you step-by-step through all the checklists and procedures necessary for the safe and proper operation of the aircraft.

As you step through the training lesson, the training system will describe exactly what you need to do. The training system will also automatically open the appropriate panel window and highlight the instrument, switch or lever being discussed. All the guess work and searching for switches has been taken out of the equation.

The DC-9 Classic training system comes with over 170 individual training lessons in 6 categories. You can choose any training lesson at any time. You can step through the training lessons at your own pace and you can even step back to review previous steps if needed.

I know a lot of people like and enjoy the traditional introduction tutorial flight approach to learning to fly a new aircraft. I’ve used this approach many times myself, with a printed out version of the tutorial next to me as I step into the new aircraft, and it certainly is a big help. But I feel that in-cockpit, in-flight training with on-screen text and visual aids is a more powerful, effective and fun way to do it.

If you are a fan of the tutorial flight though, you may be happy to learn that I have included a complete introduction tutorial flight training lesson, combining the best of both worlds.

Although the DC-9 Classic is a highly advanced aircraft product designed for the advanced simmer, it’s also designed for those who are in the process of becoming advanced simmers. Learning to fly a new aircraft in FSX shouldn’t be hard. It should be fun and challenging – but never hard work. That is the whole philosophy behind designing and including the integrated cockpit training system.

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