Mike Dart of ProFsxVideos on Youtube has posted a comprehensive and detailed four-part full flight video series featuring the DC-9 Classic. Mike takes us along on a short range flight in the DC-9 Classic from Hannover to Nuremberg, Germany.

While the flight itself is a short one, Mike spends quite a bit of time explaining and showing us the preparations and setup prior to takeoff; The various takeoff, enroute and landing charts are reviewed. Weather conditions are checked and accounted for. Fuel loadout is explained and calculated in detail. Basically, Mike does everything real pilots of the DC-9 would do before a flight. Mike also does a great job of showing you how to actively use the AOM and the performance charts in the AOM to properly fly the DC-9 Classic during all phases of flight

If you are just getting started flying the DC-9 Classic, I highly recommend you watch this full flight video series. It will teach you pretty much everything you need to know about flying the DC-9 Classic.

A big thank you to Mike Dart of ProFsxVideos for making this full flight video series.

Visit Mike's Youtube channel here: ProFsxVideos.


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