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Avsim.com just posted an interview they did with me. The interview is about me, Coolsky, my partners and products. If you would like to learn a bit more about me and what I do, then this article has all the details.

William Reynolds for Avsim.com writes:

Coolsky, the company that brought to life a collection of MD-80 series and a Fokker 50 for FSX and FS9, recently presented their latest project, a true "classic"..the DC-9.

Although I have owned their MD-80 Pro model for many years, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, didn't really know much about the company itself, or the people behind the label.

A favourite feature from Coolsky is their "Flight Centre", which contains an interactive Tutorial, Configuration, Training, Checklists, etc....a brilliant idea.

So I decided to introduce Coolsky to Avsim, find out who is behind the code, behind the ideas and the passion. We chat with Espen Øijordsbakken.


Read the full Avsim.com interview


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