Flight One Software, in partnership with CoolSky, have officially released the FSX version of Ultimate Airliners - The Super 80.

This upgrade is more than a simple port over from FS9. For the model and textures, it is a complete rebuild utilizing the latest export tools and FSX materials.

This Super 80 has all the features that a native FSX aircraft should have. The Virtual Cockpit also has the very latest FSX materials applied throughout, and was re-built and re-textured.

The instrument systems have also been improved, with numerous fixes and adjustments to make this product even more realistic.

This update is also free for all FS2004 version customers of both the download and CD ROM version.

About the product: Ultimate Airliners - The Super 80 brings back the classic modes of flying in the era where glass was just starting to appear. This rendition is based on the original Super 80, circa 1979. So with the combination of classic analog and early electronic navigation, you have a product that requires a lot of attention, but also rewards proper cockpit management. And if this does seem complicated, the Integrated Cockpit Training System will help guide you through many of the steps required in order to have a successful and accurate flight.

For more information, please visit the Flight One Software website.

Owners of the FS9 version of the Super 80 can download the FSX update here.

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